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Lieven Rottiers


Great to hear you like AudioStreamer.

The new release is almost finished, have to find the time to update the manual, etc..
– nginx 1.7.2 instead of mongoose
– upgraded getID3 from 1.9.3 to 1.9.8
– fixed replay gain reading for m4a files
– added “shuffle” button in playlist view
– background colors in waveform and oscilator visualization
– removed jPlayer: only html5 audio element is supported, no more flash fallback
– change the meaning of the indicator “desktop” so that if unchecked, the button “Desktops” also dissapears for that user.
– search field “genre” included in the “search” view…
– ordering of songs was on path, now it is first track-nr and then path (if path/songname does not include track-nr, it was alfabetically)
– clearing playlist leaves currently playing song, and if in radio-mode, fetches new song
– audio progressbar is seekable
– visualization waveform changed: extra indication of loudness (rms value) and dynamic range (orange = difference between peak and fast(er) rms)
– possible to include multiple folders (separated by a semi-colon)
– extra new layout
– php upgrade from 5.3 naar 5.6
– included a linux version

Have not yet used GitHub.
(I’m a bit short on time for the moment to take this change, but might consider it in the future.)

I’m glad to see you like it, and I love to see what you make of it…keep me informed.