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Hello Lieven,

Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions. I am glad that you have decided to add support for APE, FLAC and AAC, support for lossless audio formats would be great since at least 90% of my music is in lossless formats. Adding support for more audio formats would only make AudioStreamer more powerful and universal. Since AudioStreamer relies on FFmpeg for the ‘on the fly’ transcoding I suppose it won’t be that hard to be implemented.

I would suggest support for some more audio formats besides APE, FLAC and AAC:

WavPack- lossless codec that provides a hybrid (lossy plus lossless encoding) mode, a very common format nowadays: – WavPack Home Page – WavPack at Wikipedia

OptimFROG- another lossless codec with hybrid mode – OptimFROG Home Page – OptimFROG at Wikipedia

True Audio – a lossless codec – True Audio Home Page – True Audio at Wikipedia

Musepack – a lossy codec (my favourite lossy format) – Musepack Home Page – Musepack at Wikipedia

If AudioStreamer supports APE, FLAC, WV (WavPack) and MPC (Musepack) I would be able to stream virtually all my music.

I would also suggest that you add an option for adding more audio directories- I have a lot of music and it is not in one single directory. I suppose that such a feature would be quite handy not only for me.

I am not a programmer so I won’t be able to contribute to the development of AudioStreamer but you can rely on me for testing.

About Unicode- some of my music is downloaded from torrents and some of the tracks contain Unicode characters- I don’t rename them since I am also a seeder so I keep the downloaded torrents untouched.

I do hope that you won’t abandon the development of AudioStreamer- it is very promising. I have been using Vibe Streamer but it could only stream MP3s and has been discontinued. I don’t know whether you know this project. Since it is open source I suppose you might be interested in having a look at its code: – Home Page – Vibe Streamer at GitHub

Regards and all the best to you and this great project,