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Hello Lieven,

Thank you for adding support for more audio formats such as Monkeys’s Audio (ape), FLAC (flac), WavPack (WV) and MusePack (mpc). The extended audio support is great but for some unknown reason I cannot play my lossless audio files. I am sure I am missing something.

I configured the server, re-created the data-base, opened AudioStreamer via the internet sucessfully (through IP address), but AudioStreamer could not play FLACs, APEs and WVs. I will put screen-shots of my settings.

Yes, I downloaded ‘ffmpeg.exe’ and ‘lame.exe’ files and put them into the ‘AudioStreamer’ main folder- in the same folder where ‘AudioStreamer.exe’ resides. Is that correct? I was not sure what you meant by ‘Root Folder’. I hope that you will give me a tip.

I have two more questions:
· Is there a way to add more than one music folder (I am asking because my music is inside two directories).
· Is there a way to add more users than the two default users (I know that these user names and passwords can be changed).

I hope that I am not wasting your time and will explain to me how to play lossless audio files in AudioStreamer.

Many thanks for your great work!



AudioStreamer - 002 - 2014-02-18.png