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Lieven Rottiers


The supported audio formats depend on the transcoding ability of FFmpeg.
But I think FFmpeg supports these audio format (flac, wv and ape).
The transcoding through ffmpeg and lame should be working (works on my pc…).

  • ‘Root Folder’ is indeed the directory where you find the ‘AudioStreamer.exe’ file.


  • Remark: do the files “ffmpeg.exe” and “lame.exe” have the exact same filenames (including extension and including lowercase)?


  • I have created a zip archive with included audio samples in different formats (mp3, wav, flac, ape, wv, …).
    Can you please download these and try to play the different audio samples? zip archive contains the same audio but in different formats: ‘aac’,’ac3′,’aiff’,’aif’,’m4a’,’ape’,’flac’,’m4a’,’m4b’,’mp2′,’mp3′,’mp4′,’mpa’,’mpc’,’ogg’,’opus’,’tta’,’wv’,’wav’,’wma’AudioStreamer should show the following formats in the “Album / Song View”:


  • Is it possible to make a screen shot of the ‘Root Directory’?
    Should look like this: