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I downloaded both x32 and x64 versions of ffmpeg.exe:
I tried both FFMPEG x32 and x64 to no avail.
I opened the server even with Internet Explorer- the problem persists.
Yes, FFMPEG should be able to play FLACs and APEs.
I downloaded the samples you provided and added the extracted folder into the base music folder and re-created database. AudioStreamer was unable to play even the audio samples.
Then I copied AudioTest folder from disk D to disk C and re-built the library adding only AudioTest folder. Again failure.
It seems that the problem must be inside my system.
I am curious- have you tested AudioStreamer on Windows 8?
If I could use AudioStreamer I will be very glad- about 90% of my audio collection consists of lossless audio files, that’s why Vibe Streamer I used in the past is not suitable for me since it only plays MP3 files.
I hope that you will be able to discover what is causing this problems.
Shall I delete the entire root folder and try to configure the server again?
I hope I am not wasting your time!
Best regards,