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Lieven Rottiers


AudioStreamer currently supports following audio formats: mp3, wav, ogg and wma.
If you choose not to use the “resample – transcode” option in the settings screen then only mp3 is supported.
The other (wav, ogg and wma) are supported through the resampling – transcoding with FFmpeg.

However, in the next release, I will include the following audio formats: aac,ape and flac.
The supported audio formats depend on the transcoding ability of FFmpeg.
If you wish, you can test these new audio formats by overwriting some php files in the root folder of AudioStreamer with the ones included here in the ZIP attachment.

(Extra: In the file “audiostreamerlib.php” there is a variable which contains a comma seperated list of supported audio formats. You can always change this. For the moment I have included aac, ape and flac. These are the ones I have tested and worked for me.)

Concerning your question about Unicode.
I don’t think it’s supported for the moment. It’s definitely something that I would like to have supported, but I will have to investigate it further, because that is something quite new for me.

For the moment you can only specify one audio-directory.