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    Lieven Rottiers

    Release of AudioStreamer version 2.0
    Included changes are:

    • Extended the supported audio formats to: ‘mp3′,’wma’,’ogg’,’wav’,’aac’,’ape’,’flac’,’m4a’,’m4b’,’wv’,’tta’,’mpc’
    • Rewritten entire directory structure.
    • When clicking on “Now Playing” image, this also opens in “full-image” mode.
    • Added refresh button after (re)creating database.
    • Streaming engine rewritten, no more Nan:Nan.
    • Streaming now supports the byte-range protocol.
    • Every request to the streaming engine is now logged.
    • Changed the theme structure.
    • Several new themes added.
    • Update of included jplayer from version 2.0 to 2.5
    • Addition of visualisations: display of frequency spectrum, spectrogram, waveform and oscillator
    • Several minor changes…

    That leaves the wishlist for the moment with:

    • A linux AudioStreamer version
    • Statistics on streamed music (per day) (per user) (per Mb)
    • When streaming whole albums, use the “Album Gain” instead of “Song Gain”
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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