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    I’m not even sure if it’s do-able for web based applications but are you able to implement global hotkeys?
    When I get a phone call it would be nice to have a keyboard command for an instant pause instead of pulling up the minimized website first.

    Lieven Rottiers


    It’s possible to add keyboard shortcuts on eg: play/pause, previous, next, …
    But I think the web browser (where AudioStreamer runs in) should have focus.
    So you still would need to open the minimized browser window.

    (I’ll have a look if I can implement the keyboard shortcuts nonetheless)

    Lieven Rottiers


    Hi everybody,
    First, I love your work. That’s very simple to install and very pleasant to use. I searched a lot for this feature and AudioStreamer is the most interesting from my point of view (free, simple, on Windows OS,…).

    But it miss some feature like management of hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts.
    This possibility will be very comfortable for daily usage.
    That’s why I post this message.

    Regards !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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