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    First of all, awesome. Just what I was looking for the other day.

    Have you considered using something like GitHub? I keep editing things thinking “Hm, the whole communicty could benefit from this.”. If you’re not already using versioning for this it might be a good way to start rewriting portions of the code that are outdated or could just generally be improved.

    Just to name a few things off the top of my head, some of which I already did;

    • Update third party plugins/software
    • Encryption of data (specifically passwords) in the database
    • More settings that can be altered without jumping into the code (such as what names to look for when looking for covers)
    • Option to ignore empty folders

    Some random thoughts for somewhere in the future..

    • Largely rewritten code, perhaps with use of frameworks like Angular and something like bootstrap (this would reduce repeated code, speed up the workflow, and separates functionality from design more clearly to name a few things)
    • Option to use other types of databases (or rather let a framework handle that for you), as that would scale better with larger databases
    • Adding some kind of way to share a specific song/album/artist directly by URL with someone else

    I’m about to drastically change a few things. I’ll keep you informed if I decide to throw it onto GitHub myself.

    ~ log

    Lieven Rottiers


    Great to hear you like AudioStreamer.

    The new release is almost finished, have to find the time to update the manual, etc..
    – nginx 1.7.2 instead of mongoose
    – upgraded getID3 from 1.9.3 to 1.9.8
    – fixed replay gain reading for m4a files
    – added “shuffle” button in playlist view
    – background colors in waveform and oscilator visualization
    – removed jPlayer: only html5 audio element is supported, no more flash fallback
    – change the meaning of the indicator “desktop” so that if unchecked, the button “Desktops” also dissapears for that user.
    – search field “genre” included in the “search” view…
    – ordering of songs was on path, now it is first track-nr and then path (if path/songname does not include track-nr, it was alfabetically)
    – clearing playlist leaves currently playing song, and if in radio-mode, fetches new song
    – audio progressbar is seekable
    – visualization waveform changed: extra indication of loudness (rms value) and dynamic range (orange = difference between peak and fast(er) rms)
    – possible to include multiple folders (separated by a semi-colon)
    – extra new layout
    – php upgrade from 5.3 naar 5.6
    – included a linux version

    Have not yet used GitHub.
    (I’m a bit short on time for the moment to take this change, but might consider it in the future.)

    I’m glad to see you like it, and I love to see what you make of it…keep me informed.



    Sounds very promising. I’ll have to await the new release :).

    I just ran some tests on windows (10) and linux (mint) using Civetweb instead of Mongoose/Nginx (Cabby was a failure). I quite like it, I might stick with it. Here’s instructions in case you’re interested, or for future reference. I do not believe I have altered anything but 1 line in the mongoose.conf file (which is literally the same for Civetweb):

    • You can delete the PHP directory of audiostreamer
    • ~ $ sudo apt-get update
    • ~ $ sudo apt-get install build-essential
    • ~ $ sudo apt-get install php5-cgi
    • ~ $ sudo apt-get install php5-sqlite
    • Download Civetweb (latest tar.gz from sourceforge),
      follow installation instructions on that page (make, sudo make install)
    • cd to audiostreamer
    • in the mongoose.conf file of audiostreamer (I called mine civetweb.conf):
      change ‘cgi_interpreter ./php/php-cgi.exe’ to ‘cgi_interpreter /usr/bin/php5-cgi’
    • ~ $ civetweb mongoose.conf
    • use the full path when scanning for music (for example: /home/username/Music
      instead of ~/Music)

    Looking forward to your release, do take your time though.

    ~ log

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