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    I went through the Installation Instrustions again to make sure I did not miss any steps and was able to launch AudioStreamer without issue and then exited. It did exit cleanly and no process was visible in Task Manager. I did this launching and exiting a couple of times now and all is well. It could have been related to the initial mongoose.conf issue I noted earlier.

    It is working consistantly now.

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    I believe that was the case that there was two instances running. This would explain why this mongoose.conf file looks like this:

    # Mongoose web server configuration file.
    # Lines starting with ‘#’ and empty lines are ignored.
    # For detailed description of every option, visit

    # cgi_extensions .php
    # cgi_environment <value>
    # put_delete_passwords_file <value>
    # cgi_interpreter ./php/php-cgi.exe
    # protect_uri <value>
    # authentication_domain
    # ssi_extensions .shtml,.shtm
    # access_log_file <value>
    # ssl_chain_file <value>
    # enable_directory_listing no
    # error_log_file error.log
    # global_passwords_file <value>
    # index_files index.php
    # enable_keep_alive no
    # access_control_list <value>
    # max_request_size 16384
    # extra_mime_types <value>
    # listening_ports 9091
    # document_root ./core
    # ssl_certificate <value>
    # num_threads 10
    # run_as_user <value>

    Currently I have it running. Thanks!

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    Found and interesting but not so fix. Note, even though the program emits an error after first running AudioStreamer.exe it is actually running in the Taskbar.

    Right-click on the AudioStreamer icon
    Select Edit config file
    Change the line where has the port 9090 to 9091
    -> Note the display did not show the config as when you edited it but only with #<comments>
    But once I made that change and went back to Edit config file the display was correct and access the http://localhost:9090 worked! It could just be a fluke of course but worked for me.

    It looks like that it is not reading the mongoose.conf file correctly when the AudioStreamer.exe starts up initially.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)