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Version 3.2

Download latest stable release (2019-03-28)



Release notes Version 3.2

  • Meter visualisation: Shows the peak level in db and the average rms in db. The center meter is the dynamic range of the music (see also Low dynamic range turns red, medium dynamic range from orange to yellow and great dynamic range is green.
  • Loudness visualisation: Shows the loudness over time of the song. The black line is the average rms in db and the colored line is the dynamic range (same colors and range as the Meter visualisation).
  • chrome 66 autoplay: added resume on click, otherwise songs won’t play
  • several minor fixes

Version 3.1




Release notes Version 3.1

  • php upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1
  • upgraded getID3 from 1.9.8 to 1.9.14
  • several fixes for non-latin characters and utf-8
  • fixed bug in ordering when adding albums to the playlist
  • changed genre radio setting, possible to chose (multiple) genre(s)
  • changed streamed content (mime)type (when not transcoding to mp3) to the correct one (possible to stream flac, ogg, …, browser must support streamed type)
  • some defaults are saved and retrieved through cookies: radio (on/off) and the visualisation choice and slider
  • added progress indicator (% count/totalcount) when creating database and reading ID3 tags
  • 3 new visualisations
  • 2 new themes

Version 3.0




Release notes Version 3.0

  • included a linux version
  • nginx 1.7.2 instead of mongoose
  • upgraded getID3 from 1.9.3 to 1.9.8
  • fixed replay gain reading for m4a files
  • added “shuffle” button in playlist view
  • background colors in waveform and oscilator visualization
  • removed jPlayer: only html5 audio element is supported, no more flash fallback
  • changed the meaning of the indicator “desktop” so that if unchecked, the button “Desktops” also dissapears for that user
  • search field “genre” included in the “search” view…
  • ordering of songs was on path, now it is first track-nr and then path (if path/songname does not include track-nr, it was alfabetically)
  • clearing playlist leaves currently playing song, and if in radio-mode, fetches new song
  • audio progressbar is seekable
  • visualization waveform changed: extra indication of loudness (green = rms value) and dynamic range (orange = difference between peak and fast(er) rms)
  • possible to include multiple folders (separated by a semi-colon)
  • 2 extra new themes
  • php upgrade from 5.3 to php 7

Version 2.1

Release notes Version 2.1

  • Extended the supported audio formats to: ‘aac’, ‘ac3’, ‘aiff’, ‘aif’, ‘m4a’, ‘ape’, ‘flac’, ‘m4a’, ‘m4b’, ‘mp2’, ‘mp3’, ‘mp4’, ‘mpa’, ‘mpc’, ‘ogg’, ‘opus’, ‘tta’, ‘wv’, ‘wav’, ‘wma’
  • If theme folder is not found then revert to basic lay-out.
  • Login page checks if a new version of AudioStreamer exists.
  • Extra scale slider on visualisations.
  • 2 new themes added.
  • Possible to login automatically by adding parameters to login url: http://localhost:9090/login.php?username=admin&password=start You have to add “login.php?username=xxx&password=xxx” Change xxx with your corresponding username and password.
  • Several minor changes…

Version 2.0

Release notes Version 2.0

  • Extended the supported audio formats to: ‘mp3’, ‘wma’, ‘ogg’, ‘wav’, ‘aac’, ‘ape’, ‘flac’, ‘m4a’, ‘m4b’, ‘wv’, ‘tta’, ‘mpc’
  • Rewritten entire directory structure.
  • When clicking on “Now Playing” image, this also opens in “full-image” mode.
  • Added refresh button after (re)creating database.
  • Streaming engine rewritten, no more Nan:Nan.
  • Streaming now supports the byte-range protocol.
  • Every request to the streaming engine is now logged.
  • Changed the theme structure.
  • Several new themes added.
  • Update of included jplayer from version 2.0 to 2.5
  • Addition of visualisations: display of frequency spectrum, spectrogram, waveform and oscillator
  • Several minor changes…

Version 1.0