• The manual can be found here
  • Detailed installation instructions can be found here

Installation instructions:

  • Download the zip/rar package and unzip/unrar to a desired folder.
  • Windows

    Open the folder and start “AudioStreamer.exe” as administrator.
    (right-click and “Run as administrator”, otherwise the database cannot be created)
    (Remark: a message might appear simmilar to :
    “windows security alert windows firewall has blocked some features of this program”)
    (Remark: a message might appear simmilar to :
    “The program can’t start because VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”
    Detailed explanation is included in the forums on how to resolve this.)

  • Linux

    Install nginx and PHP7-fpm.
    Detailed exlanation for Linux Mint is incuded in the forums.

  • By default AudioStreamer is running on port 9090.
    Open your favorite web browser (ie, chrome, firefox …) and type http://localhost:9090
    You should see a login screen. The default user and password are:
    user = admin, password = start
    (You should change your password to something more secure afterwards)
  • Next step to complete is to fill in the path to your music collection.
    Click on the “Settings” button.
    Fill in the path to your music folder eg: c:/music
    (and save this setting)
  • Next click on the button “(re)create database”.
    AudioStreamer will scan this folder for all the music files.
    After this has finished, you’re ready to play some music!